Marsden Case Studies

Case Study: The V-25 helps identify animal dietary issues at Banham Zoo

Marsden’s range of veterinary scales are perfect for weighing large and small animals - and are used by vets nationwide. They are also used by a number of leading animal tourist attractions in the UK.

The Marsden V-25 was our best-selling animal scale for zoos last year, and it’s easy to see why with its fine accuracy, easy portability and excellent price. Banham Zoo liked the scale so much they came back and bought another - so naturally, we wanted to find out what they liked about it.

Banham Zoo is an award winning family attraction, with over 2000 animals from around the world, situated in 50 acres of parkland and gardens. The park opened in 1968 and is now part of the Zoological Society of East Anglia. We spoke to Mike Woolham, Animal Manager at the zoo, about where the V-25 fitted in their operation.







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Case Study: M-300 Baby Scale provides precise readings for Little Bellies Lactation

The Marsden M-300 is the baby scale of choice for many hospitals and midwives. This one-piece unit is lightweight, battery powered and easy to carry around with an optional CC-400 Carry Case.

We receive enquiries from lactation consultants around the world, but particularly in Britain and in the United States, for the M-300 Class III Approved Baby Scale. Carolyn Hose, a lactation consultant from Virginia, USA made one of these enquiries – and ordered the baby scale for her new business.

After she made the purchase, we contacted her to find out how she was finding the scale.





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Case study: M-200 chair scale helps at Holbrook Hall

The Marsden M-200 is our premium, Class III Approved chair scale. This video shows how the M-200 is perfect for NHS hospitals, but it is also the perfect purchase for use in care homes, as this case study explains.

Holbrook Hall is a residential care home, located in Belper, Derbyshire. It is a Grade 2* listed 17th century building and has four acres of landscaped gardens, orchards and meadows.

The home needed a new scale for weighing their 35 residents on a regular basis, and decided to order the M-200 after seeing it at the NEC Care and Dementia Show in 2016. We spoke to Holbrook Hall’s Morag Vaughan about what attracted them to the M-200 – and this is what we were told.



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Case study: Simpac packaging bags a bargain with the JWE bench scale

The Jadever JWE Bench Scale is a high precision check weigher which is a highly accurate weighing solution, used in many industries. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and food processing - and, as this case study explains, it is a reliable solution for weighing recyclable bags.

Simpac is one of the leading suppliers of packaging in the United Kingdom. Producers of bags from paper sacks to bin bags, they distribute to recognisable major retailers, as well as small and medium-sized organisations.

Simpac has been using the JWE scale for some time and when they were ready to invest in a new model, it was the tried-and-tested JWE that they chose to continue with. We spoke to Josh Uney, Quality Controller at Simpac to find out why.



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Case Study: V-22 finds a home at Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary

For weighing small animals, the Marsden V-22 is the ideal vet scale. Here you can see the V-22 demonstrated in a veterinary surgery, or read here about how we donated twelve of these veterinary scales to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Now, as this case study explains, it has helped to improve the efficiency and procedures of an animal sanctuary.

The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary rescues and rehomes over 500 animals in the area every year, so have helped over 25,000 animals since opening in 1967. This year, the sanctuary needed a new scale for weighing their cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, and following recommendation, turned to the Marsden V-22 - as General Manager Iain Atkins explains.



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Case Study: Marsden P-JDI does not go to waste at WEEE Solutions Ltd

The Marsden P-JDI is a mild steel platform scale with an easy-to-use touchscreen indicator. Available in a choice of capacities - up to to 3000kg - it is perfect for weighing large items. The P-JDI also has two RS-232 ports and four USB ports, so weighing data can be transferred directly from the scale to a computer or printer. 


WEEE Solutions Ltd are a waste management company in Scotland and Northern England, and their services include the disposal of electronic, confidential and hazardous waste. We spoke to their Technical Director, Hugh O’Neill about how the P-JDI has improved traceability and helped them meet environmental regulations.



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Case Study: The V-150 is ideal for weighing livestock

The Marsden V-150 is Marsden’s highest capacity veterinary scale. Ideal for weighing large animals, this scale is used by veterinary surgeons throughout the UK and Europe, and at the famous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The V-150 has a large, low profile platform and is easy to step on, meaning it is also used for weighing livestock.

Textile artist Sallie Tyszko weaves tapestry wallhangings. Her artwork has been displayed in public, and she also welcomes visitors to her workshop to watch her at work. She keeps many sheep and goats in order to provide the materials – and these animals need to be weighed.

She searched high and low for a scale suitable for this purpose, and chose the V-150 – so naturally, we asked her why.



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Case Study: M-550 checks in at Church Lane Surgery

The M-550 is our lowest priced Class III Approved Floor Scale. Released in summer 2016 after two years in development, it has five times the accuracy of mechanical scales, which in the past had been commonplace in GP surgeries.

The National Legal Metrology Project Report had said that a large number of medical scales were not fit for purpose, so Marsden began working on a highly accurate yet affordable medically approved weighing scale to help solve the problem.

The result, the M-550, is the perfect addition for pharmacies and health centres, but it is GP surgeries with whom it is proving the greatest success, as Church Lane Surgery, Brighouse can testify.



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Case Study: V-250 Veterinary Scale donation helps combat PTSD

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In 2016, Marsden donated a 250kg V-250 Large Veterinary Scale to UK registered charity, Veterans With Dogs. The weighing scale was needed in order to provide retired servicemen, struggling with mental health issue, fit and healthy dogs - in order to help them cope with their illness..

Veterans With Dogs was established by Craig MacLellan, who suffers from PTSD, when he realised the benefit of how his dog helped him through his own treatment. The charity is growing day-by-day in supporting veterans with PTSD.



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Case Study: Marsden V-100 makes mobile pet weighing easier

Case Study: Marsden V-100 makes mobile pet weighing easier

The Marsden V-100 is a 100kg scale commonly used by veterinary practices, breeders and owners for weighing medium-sized pets, from cats to larger dogs.

As well as being a fixed asset in veterinary surgeries and clinics, it is has also been a success in mobile pet weighing, as Lorraine Hobday explains. 

Vet Nurse Direct was formed in Wigan, Lancashire in 2014. With a background in animal care the owners have created a business model encompassing a range of pet-related services including dog walking, feeding, microchipping, pet transport and mobile veterinary services.



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Case Study: Well-built bench scale best for bottling

Case Study: Edwin Holden’s Bottling

The Marsden HSS-I-100SS-APP is a versatile bench scale which is suited to many environments. On this page you can see how it was right at home at Billingsgate Fish Market, London accurately weighing seafood. But as Mark Hammond explains, it’s also the ideal solution for weighing in a bottling plant.  



Edwin Holden’s Bottling are a West Midlands-based organisation, established in 1943 and provide a variety of services to the brewing and drink industries. Their services include bulk haulage, beer processing, contract bottling, as well as offering their large storage facilities to hold products at ambient temperatures.



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Case Study: V-150 helps keep Battersea dogs healthy and happy

Case Study: V-150 helps keep Battersea dogs healthy and happy

In 2015, Marsden donated two 300kg capacity V-150 Large Veterinary Scales to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The weighing scales were needed to help keep visiting dogs at a healthy weight.

Since taking delivery of the scales, the Battersea team have been so happy with the scales we have now donated a further 12 V-22s for weighing cats and smaller dogs. Battersea’s Vet Team told us why they love the high capacity, easy to use V-150 - and how having a reliable weighing scale is essential for keeping animals healthy and happy.



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Case Study: Marsden's M-430 - Making NHS Health Checks easier

Case Study: Marsden's M-430 - Making NHS Health Checks easier

Recently, NHS Health Checks have provided a potential extra revenue stream for pharmacies.

These ‘MoT’ style checks are aimed at adults from 40 to 74 - and, to ease the pressure on GP surgeries, can be carried out at pharmacies, provided they have facilities and equipment - such as, for example, a Class III, medically approved weighing scale.

The Marsden M-430 Floor Scale is a great, low cost solution for pharmacies taking part in the NHS Health Check scheme. It’s medically approved, robust and accurate. Plus, as a lightweight, portable scale, it doesn’t take up much room! Abbott’s Pharmacy, of Lindfield, Sussex use an M-430 for their health checks, and told Marsden why it’s the floor scale of choice.

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Case Study: Better brewing starts with the B-100

Case Study: Better brewing starts with the B-100

At Marsden, we know that our weighing scales are the key to better processes. Whether that’s administering treatment for a patient, loading a lorry evenly and within legal limits - or, as in the case below, preparing ingredients for brewing ale.

Steve Hope, of The Brew Shed, based near Dunfermline, recently purchased one of our waterproof B-100 Bench Scales (he also took advantage of a recent offer and got an IP-2101 Bench Scale for free!) and was impressed enough to tell us what he thought of these products as brewery scales.

Steve found that the B-100 instantly improved the brewing process.

He told us: “One of the irritations when brewing is the problem of weighing out the grains. There's plenty of scales around the house: in the bathroom, two in the kitchen and another for weighing suitcases; I've used them all.

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Case Study: For precision weighing, Shimadzu are better on balance

For precision weighing, Shimadzu are better on balance

Since the start of 2016, we have been expanding and improving our range of analytical balances and lab scales at Marsden. The range we sell is manufactured by Shimadzu - known for highly accurate weighing equipment for very small items.

One of the first companies to order from our range of Shimadzu scales in 2016 was Keim Paints, based in Telford, Shropshire.

Keim Paints use their Shimadzu BX to weigh out pigment when creating colours for their range. The BX has an accuracy of 0.1g but with capacities right up to 52kg. In-built Windows Direct software means the weighing data can be instantly transferred to an Excel sheet.

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Case Study: The V-23 is portable and perfect for pets at home!

The V-23 is Marsden’s latest animal scale - launched because so many of our smaller veterinary scales were being purchased by dog and cat owners who needed a small, accurate scale. We realised a small, lightweight weighing scale was needed for owners of smaller pets - and the V-23 is the result.

During the research and development of the V-23 Pet Scale, we made sure that we took into account the comments and feedback from customers over the years. So, the V-23 has a carry handle, it’s unbelievably light, and it is highly accurate for smaller pets - like cats and small to medium dogs.



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Case Study: Splash-proof M-160 works out well for gyms

The Marsden M-160 is the rugged, splash-proof alternative to the M-150 Gym Scale. Its stainless steel casing means it’s ideal for humid conditions - such as changing areas - and because of its simple functions it’s easy for any member of the public to use! 

To prove the M-160’s appeal, and to get feedback on the design and functionality of the scale, Marsden sent a sample to two testers: Waves Leisure Complex in Craigavon, County Armagh, and Berinsfield Amatuer Boxing Club, Oxfordshire. This is how they got on…


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Case Study: The M-150 is an essential piece of gym kit

In autumn 2015, Marsden launched the M-150 - a digital weighing scale designed specifically with gyms in mind. Why design a weighing scale specifically for gyms? Well, we’d received many enquiries about gym weighing equipment - and we would usually direct them to our range of Class III Approved medical scales. 

But Class III scales are highly accurate devices designed for hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies; we realised that gyms needed something that was lower cost, kg/st switchable and was straightforward enough for the average member of public to use. 

The very first M-150 went to the Holiday Inn at Rotherham, South Yorkshire - where it was immediately put to use in the hotel’s gym. It proved to be an immediate success.

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Case Study: B-200 as a versatile parcel scale

Marsden’s B-200 Boxer Scale (also known as a parcel scale, bench scale or floor scale) is a robust, versatile scale with a stainless steel top plate that’s found favour in businesses as varied as breweries, courier services and yacht builders.

 One of the most interesting uses for the B-200, however, has been to weigh surface science instrumentation products. 


KP Technology manufactures surface science instrumentation, such as solar cells and semi conductors - and needed a parcel scale so they could record the weight of parcels before sending out to customers. Knowing the weight of each consignment meant they could get an accurate cost from their courier before the parcel left their laboratories. “The instrumentation we send out can range from 50 kilos up to around 175 kilos in weight. The capacity of our previous scales wasn’t high enough,” says Dr Jamie Law, Senior Electronics and System Engineer at KP Technology.

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Case Study: M-540 as a portable fitness scale

When we first introduced the Marsden M-540 Floor Scale, it was intended as a low-cost floor scale for GP surgeries, health centres and pharmacies.

However, with our digital scales increasingly becoming popular in gyms and leisure centres (see the M-150 and M-430 as great examples of gym scales) the M-540 has become a popular floor scale for fitness and sports-related weighing.


Enter Vega Fitness, a personal training service covering Kent and Surrey in south-east England. As part of the service Vega provides to the clients they visit at home, a portable weighing scale is required both during the initial stages of the client assessment and then periodically for fitness tests to track each client’s progress. 

Therefore, a fitness scale is required that will fit in the back of a car, is easy to use and can be battery powered in case there’s no nearby power supply.

 Charlotte Johnson, who uses the M-540 on a daily basis as Vega Fitness, says: “Scales enable me and my clients to establish any changes that need to be made as their programme progresses as well as identify a starting point when they first join.

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Case Study: V-100 and The Dog Show World

Marsden’s V-100 veterinary scale has been a hugely popular scale for veterinary consulting rooms. Now, it’s increasingly becoming the pet scale of choice for the dog show world.

We recently spoke to Elise Purdie, who has been dog showing for five years and bought a V-100 to weigh her Shetland Sheepdogs.

Elise comes from a long line of Shetland Sheepdog lovers in her family, and having began showing her dogs in 2010, understood how important it was to keep an eye on her dogs’ weights.

“We recently had a litter of pups, and I would need a one hour round trip to the vets to get an accurate weigh in,” says Elise, who lives in Lanarkshire. 


Elise realised that weighing her dogs was an important part of both showing and raising her dogs, and needed a set of pet scales that were lightweight, easy to use and affordable.

“Now I can check their weights anytime,” says Elise. “I also feed a raw diet to the dogs so I need to know their weights to work out how much food to give them, especially growing puppies. I need weights for working out medication, doses for worming, too.”


Case Study: V-100 is a dog’s best friend

Visit our V-100 Veterinary Scale product page and you will see a short video, of the versatile animal scale being used by a cocker spaniel at Springfield Vets, Rotherham.

The South Yorkshire veterinary practice have been using their V-100 digital scale to calculate drug dosage amounts for small to medium sized pets, primarily dogs, and have explained why the V-100 Veterinary Scale is the ideal solution for their veterinary practice.


“Everyone’s first impressions were that the scales look good. They look strong, sturdy and professional,” says Mandy Minshall, Practice Manager of what her members of staff first thought.

“They have been used to weigh similar sized dogs to Murphy (the cocker spaniel who features on our V-100 video) for calculating drug dosage before pre med and general anaesthesia. The scales are currently in our prep area in theatres. The biggest sized dog that has been weighed on the scale was a border collie.”


Case Study: DS-781SS is the fishmongers' friend

In summer 2015, Marsden spoke to a number of customers about their front of shop, trade approved weighing scales. Many were using Marsden scales for check weighing at the back of the shop but, because Marsden didn’t offer a trade approved, waterproof retail scale, other solutions were being used front-of-shop.

However, as we discovered, the popular choice of retail scales for fishmongers was barely fit for purpose - and the market was crying out for something better. Enter the stainless steel, trade approved DS-781SS from Marsden.